Under-the-radar cities for retirement

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Longevity, Caregiving

Photo of Austin, TX from

For those who want to live out their 30 Bonus Years with plenty of activities for the mind and body, I’ve discovered some cities that may not immediately come to mind for retirement.

Austin, Texas: This vibrant cultural center is a focal point for arts and technology. As a university town, Austin has an exciting dining scene, University of Texas football games, lots of classes that can be audited and a low-cost of living.

Billings, Montana: There’s a small town feel with the allure of a beautiful mountain town. Outdoorsy types will thrive here with a low-cost of living and access to a variety of natural wonders. It’s the Old West for sure, but with modern amenities.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: The post-industrial slump is over and the Three Rivers city has quietly emerged as once of the best urban centers to settle in. A healthy arts and entertainment scene, coupled with an unpretentious attitude, make Pittsburgh a city worth considering.  Oh…and did I mention – it’s also home to the Steelers – my favorite football team!

Burlington, Vermont: Nature lovers will find this progressive town a haven. Known for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and the jam band Phish, the laid-back attitude rules here. Upscale dining, local markets and thriving live music, beer and coffee scene are ideal for someone with activism and intellectualism in their blood.