Smart savings for seniors – or not…

by | Jul 26, 2020 | Longevity, Caregiving

Just read this in The Week…interesting! Not all senior discounts are created equal, said Cameron Huddleston in Kiplinger​.com. In fact, money-savvy seniors may sometimes be better off taking advantage of “deeper discounts for the same goods and services available to the general public.” Take banking. A recent study from the Pew Charitable Trusts found that some “senior” checking accounts “actually cost more than basic accounts unless the customer maintains a high balance.” And while many hotels offer attractive discounts for travelers 62 and over, simply defaulting to those discounts may lead seniors to “miss out on better rates offered by discount travel websites and apps.” Retirees who really want to cash in on their senior status would be wise to look for standard discounts that “can be paired with a senior discount to score even bigger savings.”