Oil Pulling: Healthy Mouth – Healthy You?

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Longevity

They say that conventional dental care can sometimes cause more harm than good and that treatments such as mercury dental fillings, root canals, and fluoride applications to reduce cavities are now being linked to cancer, heart disease, and auto-immune illnesses?

By paying closer attention to your mouth, you can help detect and prevent the onset of many systemic diseases that can affect the entire body. Mouth lesions may be early indicators of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. Some researchers suspect that inflammation in other parts of the body is linked to periodontitis (gum disease).

Consider the benefits of using coconut and sesame oil to purge toxins by including a ten minute oil-pulling technique in your daily routine to benefit from numerous positive results. According to a book entitled, “Oil Pulling Therapy,” (Fife, 2008), all diseases begin in the mouth and the reason why oil pulling actually works is because bacteria in your mouth is attracted to the oils. With regular oil pulling, the book says you can expect several of the following results:

Dr. Fife describes our mouths as tropical rain forests with approximately 600 types of bacteria present and ready to transfer to other parts of our bodies, such as our skin and intestines. By ridding our mouths of toxins, we minimize their effect on our health before any permanent damage is done.

To deter the health complications that can begin in the mouth, avoid eating unhealthy foods that can initiate the disease cycle. What you eat may have the greatest effect on the overall health of your mouth, according to the Columbia University of Dental Medicine. The university reports, “Like the rest of your body, your mouth depends on overall good nutrition to stay healthy. In fact, your mouth is highly sensitive to poor nutrition.”