Dr. Abramson is an Emmy and Gracie award-winning journalist who has appeared frequently as an on-air expert gerontologist for NBC’s Today show, CNN, TLC, CBS, RLTV, Lifetime, MSNBC and numerous other media outlets.

Dr. Alexis is also a featured blogger on top tier websites including YAHOO!, HuffingtonPost, Sharecare and

Dr. Alexis is the person producers and editors point to when they want to make their stories come alive. Having appeared on the Today show over 200 times she can create story angles for topics in the news, make boring topics interesting, and most importantly provide viewers, listeners and readers important information to make their lives better.

Whether it’s the business of aging, menopause, marketing to the 50+, healthcare, caregiving, dating over 50, choosing a nursing home or any number of boomer and senior issues, Dr. Alexis is noted for weaving personal stories into her interviews and for her conversational style that produces poignant sound bites. To reach Alexis Abramson, PhD please contact us via email or call us at (877) 895-3680.

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