Great Exercise Programs for the 50+

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Longevity

Well it’s that time of year and New Years resolutions are in full motion today!  As usual one of the resolutions high on the list is how to get fit and healthy.  I’ve received SO many “health related” questions over the last week that I thought I would post one about a couple of new “boomer/senior specific” exercise programs that have been introduced to the market.  Below is a Dr. Alexis readers question and my response.  If any or you have tried either of these exercise programs and have any suggestions/ideas that will help our reader make a thoughtful choice please submit them to or leave a note in the comments section below!  Many thanks in advance…YOU are always our best resource!

Hi Dr. Alexis,

I’m writing to ask your opinion about two classes that are offered at my local gym.  Since I recently got a basic membership level (so I could use the indoor track to walk FitBit mileage in the cold winter), I received their brochure about exercise classes.  Here are the two that caught my attention: T-Tapp and MeltMethod.  Do you know anything about these methods – and do you have an opinion?  Thanks!

A.  Hello and Happy New Year!!!  Let me first say I’ve not personally tried either of these programs – I’ve heard of them both and can provide some insight I gleaned from reaching out to a couple of my colleagues who work specifically in the 60+ health and fitness arena.  That being said, here are my thoughts regarding the two exercise programs you asked me to review.

T-Tapp:  I like this program because Teresa Tapp has created both a “general” class and one that is more well suited for the “mature” population.  Personally I feel this is important – there is no doubt that one can attend a general exercise class but our bodies and range of motion do change as we age (it’s inevitable!) so it makes sense to be kind to ourselves and exercise at a level that will enhance our health – yet maintain a safe level of exertion.  The senior fit program also focus on areas that are critical as we age – maximizing muscle activation, circulation and lymphatic health, etc. (she calls it a Brain-Body Fitness Workout!)….Every exercise was apparently designed to improve strength, flexibility and heart health, as well as increase energy and decrease inflammation.  They say that “its special sequence of mindful movements combined with leverage isometrics will help your body rebuild from the inside out, improve posture and build better balance” – all very important areas to focus on as we age.  My colleagues say that the folks they works with really like this program and appreciate the changes that were incorporated to make it a “SAFE” workout at any age!

MeltMethod:  This exercise regime seems to be extremely focused on reducing aches and pains associated with chronic conditions and stress (i.e. inflammation!).  I don’t know your current level of fitness or your health status – but if stress and pain are problems you face this may be a great addition to your workout routine.  The website indicates that “MELT brings your body back to a more ideal state by directly enhancing body awareness, rehydrating connective tissue, and decreasing stuck stress that accumulates from daily living” – sounds good to me!  One person who tried the program said “the first time you MELT, you can see and feel a difference – and over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels” – also sounds good to me!  The exercise experts I talked to said it certainly can’t hurt to incorporate MELT into your workouts because it is a proactive approach to getting a jump start on reducing the inflammation that is caused by the wear and tear we’ve all put on our bodies over decades of living life to its fullest!

I’m not sure this suggestion makes sense for your busy schedule but I would truly recommend that you try to incorporate both programs into your workout routine.  It seems to me that since MELT supposedly only takes 10 minutes to complete perhaps it could be done in addition to T-Tapp or you could do each program on alternate days.  Otherwise, I would suggest you take one program on this time and the other the next time and decide what YOU think – we are all at such different fitness levels and dealing with our individual “aches and pains” (some days more than others) so at some level it becomes a very personal choice.

Hope this helps at least a little bit!  I would be very interested in hearing which program you choose and your feedback.

Cheers to your health, happiness, wealth and wisdom!  Dr. Alexis


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