Dr. Alexis Approved: Nike Free

by | Sep 24, 2017 | Longevity

The best shoes for walking (that don’t look ridiculous!)

The Nike Free series is extremely popular and for a good reason!  My husband and I just walked 150km on the Camino de Santiago in these shoes and neither of us got ONE blister and our feet weren’t even sore!  Lots of the other folks walking were wearing REALLY expensive hiking boots and they all had massive problems with their feet – some even had to quit the walk.  Check out our shoes in the picture – that was the last day of the walk!


These shoes are unbelievably comfortable and when I put on a pair I actually get excited to go outside and hit my stride. The Free sole is designed to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot without looking ridiculous like those “barefoot” Five Fingers-style shoes. Besides, most of us do need a layer of cushioning to protect the bottoms of our feet.

The uppers are made from a stretchy neoprene-like material that makes the shoe feel like custom fit. The Nike Free Run series comes in a variety of sleek styles and colors from bright red to a more chic all-black model. They are also fashionable enough to wear with a casual outfit without looking like you forgot to change from your running shoes.