As a consultant to industry, Dr. Alexis is frequently called upon to help make products and services multi-generationally friendly, employees more sensitive to the needs of all Americans and marketing/advertising messages palatable to a variety of consumers. Dr. Alexis has a keen passion and innovative insights into population trends, both domestically and abroad. Her experience and vision allows her to fully understand the complex, yet dynamic, “multi-gen” population — consequently empowering Dr. Alexis to disseminate critical information, which will influence the media, corporate and non-profit industries to create positive change for businesses and consumers alike. The following case studies, provide the basic details on the consulting work undertaken for each B2B partner.

Case Studies

Humana / Walmart
Preferred Rx Plan (PDP)

As the consumer expert spokesperson for the Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan initiative Dr. Alexis was featured in an extensive internet media tour, in-depth social media outreach, video Q&A and tips news release discussing the topic of signing up for Medicare Part D and the impact this program has on caregivers, boomers and seniors. She also worked with their PR team to determine impactful positioning specifically designed to showcase the benefits of the Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx for the eligible mature population.

Delta Airlines

Dr. Alexis strategized with the Delta™ Airlines marketing and branding team on the development of the Delta frequent flyer program for mature adults. Helped produce a business plan and marketing/advertising collateral related to the program and played a very active role in the launch of the initiative. Dr. Abramson served as the mature program spokesperson by disseminating vital information to the community, consumers and media.


Alexis Abramson, PhD has consulted with AARP on numerous projects over the past two decades. Most recently Abramson served as the AARP Entrepreneur in Residence as well as being positioned as the lead executive participating in the launch of the AARP innovation lab. She also developed a robust revenue producing product line, wrote a comprehensive 5 year business plan, oversaw the financials, sales and marketing of the product and executed the overall strategy from R&D to full scale. In addition, her past responsibilities with AARP have included writing and implementing a detailed strategic plan for the AARP Seal of Approval, conducting weekly (sometimes daily) online chats regarding various aging issues, serving as on-air talent for various AARP produced shows and consulting on product selection and distribution for their overall portfolio.


Dr. Alexis served as the 3rd party expert 50+ Spokesperson for the company. Responsibilities included being featured in extensive internet/satellite media tours, in-depth social media outreach, created ongoing white papers, video taped Q&A and tips, provided quotes for news releases discussing the designated topic and the impact this program has on caregivers, boomers and seniors, etc. Featured as the lead aging expert in an ongoing Philips sponsored PSA dedicated to creating 50+ friendly enivronments in cities around the country.


Dr. Alexis helped develop, launch, implement and promote the Harris Private Bank enCircle® caregiving program.  Harris enCircle is a unique resource designed to help navigate the complex financial, legal and health decisions involved in creating an elder care plan for an aging loved one, or for those who are planning ahead for their own financial well-being.  As the primary spokesperson for the program Dr. Abramson provides newsletter articles, “Dr. Alexis” Q&A, ongoing white papers, caregiving video series, eldercare resource guide, internal/external presentations and serves on the BMO enCircle Board of Advisors.

Century 21

Dr. Alexis developed the CENTURY 21 MatureMoves program for the CENTURY 21 Real Estate Corporation. The CENTURY 21 MatureMoves program was designed especially for agents who are targeting baby boomer buyers. Designed the program and trained CENTURY 21® ˜Mature Moves Professionals™ to understand the psychological, physical and physiological needs of boomer adults and become specialists in finding the right type of housing to meet those needs. Dr. Alexis implemented and launched the program (with Dr. Joyce Brothers) at the CENTURY 21 annual conference and served as keynote speaker for that conference.


As the spokesperson for the Duracell EasyTab hearing aid battery, Dr. Alexis has been featured in numerous satellite media tours and video news releases discussing the topics of design and gadgets for boomers/seniors. She also works with Duracell executives and their PR team on an ongoing basis to identify innovative, unique positioning specifically designed to showcase the benefits of the Duracell EasyTab battery for the mature population.


Strategized with the marketing department and contributed original concepts in an effort to help Subway capitalize on the growing baby boomer demographic. Examined all marketing and advertising materials and suggested changes that would enhance the acceptance by this growing market. Reviewed foods items and indicated foods and portion sizes that were œboomer-friendly in terms of the physiological changes that occur with aging. Conducted numerous all day training seminars in an effort to educate district managers and franchisees about the specific needs of the mature market segment.

Hearing Life

Based on their deep understanding of the needs of the low-hearing market, HearingLife has engaged Dr. Alexis to help enhance their marketing strategy as it relates to the 50+ population. As the spokesperson for the launch of the Hearing Life “Doctor Alexis Senior-Friendly” certification program, Alexis Abramson, PhD is being featured in a national media campaign and educational video series in an effort to raise brand awareness and disseminate vital information to the low-hearing market and their companions.

Arthritis Foundation

Designed and implemented the ‘Arthritis-Friendly’ product selection and format for their website. She also served as a consultant and columnist for the various Foundation publications on issues ranging from Arthritis-Friendly products to living with arthritis. Dr. Alexis conducted seminars in-house (and on their behalf externally) discussing how to deal with family members suffering from arthritis and arthritis related issues.

Harry & David

Dr. Alexis assisted in creating marketing/advertising pieces and chose a specific product line that would effectively appeal to the 50+ market. She spent extensive time with the executive team clarifying the needs of this market and assisted in repositioning their brand and specific product-lines to capture the baby boomer adult segment of the population.