Can you imagine if all of your money was stolen and someone was using a passport, credit cards and a bank account with your name on them? Believe me, millions of fraudsters are spending every moment of their day desperately trying to separate you from your hard-earned savings and your identity. This book is loaded with tips to help you protect yourself, and your loved ones from fraud, scams and identity theft. Learn how to:

  • Create a secure strategy to protect your assets and identity
  • Identify the most common tactics used by fraudsters
  • Detect if you are being scammed and what next steps to take
  • Recover your money or identity after you’ve been scammed

 Did You Know?

  • Over 8 billion personal identity records have been exposed in data security breaches
  • Your date of birth, social security number and name can be purchased for less than $2
  • Up to 35 billion a year is stolen in scams, frauds and identity theft
  • 1 out of 4 people scammed are too embarrassed to report it


At the turn of the 19th century the average life span was 50 – now we are expected to live to 80 years and beyond! So what do our 30 Bonus Years™ look like? How will we take advantage of them? What does research tell us that will allow us to live as healthy, happy, wealthy and wise as possible during this new life stage we’ve been “gifted?”

  • This detailed book highlights proprietary research revealing many of the cutting-edge health and wellness trends that will transform our lives over the next decade.
  • Takes an in-depth look at each of the four keys to longevity – body, mind, social and financial.
  • Details a proactive approach toward aging that can add both quality and quantity to ones years.
  • Provides solid direction audience members can employ to create a more purpose driven second half of life.  (publication - Fall, 2024)

The Ultimate Caregiver

There are over 44 million unpaid caregivers in the United States, 10 million of whom are millennials — almost 133 million people in the U.S. have one or more chronic condition and by 2020 this number is expected to increase to 157 million Americans. Over one in three U.S. households is involved in caring for a relative or friend aged 55 or older. Many caregivers are caught between the needs of their young families and the daunting task of caring for their older relatives. Watching a loved one grow old is filled with emotional upheaval, when you compound that with other stresses —rush-hour traffic, deadlines, sick children, dirty laundry—caregivers are often left holding the bag. They feel a pressure to be all things to all people, often ending up as the martyr and giving themselves the short end of the stick. (Updated Publication - Fall, 2023)

  • This informative, yet uplifting, book suggests ways readers can juggle their various caregiving responsibilities.
  • Gives sound tools to help them let go of their feelings of guilt.
  • Discusses practical ways to get family members to help with caregiving demands.
  • Shares the best ways to avoid butting heads with aging loved ones by fostering their independence.
  • Overviews how being the “CEO of Your Own Caregiving” can allow the reader to juggle both giving care and a career.