Adventure Travel is Fun at Any Age

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Longevity, Caregiving

(Taktshang Goemba, Tigers Nest Monastery in Bhutan, in a mountain cliff.)

The Wall Street Journal reported that adventure travel for the 50-plus crowd is more popular than ever. That’s great news as far as I’m concerned.  Recently I’ve been trying to get boomers and seniors to take trips that will push their limits as a part of my 30 Bonus Years philosophy.

The Journal cites a woman, 65, who has proudly built an igloo in Romania, climbed the Himalayas and canoed in Nepal (with crocodiles in the water). If canoeing with the crocs is not your thing, that’s quite OK. What I’m asking you to consider is taking a trip that’s outside of your comfort zone.


(Here I am with my Dad in Bhutan)

I’m not advocating for any of you to risk your safety — there are many tours that are led by experienced guides who are aware of the physical limitations of older bodies. After all, osteoarthritis is pretty common, not to mention tender lower backs and all the other day-to-day aches that we face.

Volunteer trips, such as teaching English in rural China, can be easily arranged as quite often the need is greater than the supply. Learning a new skill such as SCUBA diving while visiting the Great Barrier Reef is another way to fulfill your experiential journey desires. And of course there are more luxurious ways to gain a thrill such as eco-camping where the roughest part may be solar-powered outdoor showers by the beach.

So why are you still reading this blog?  Go out there are get adventurous!