Meet Dr. Alexis

Alexis Abramson, PhD has spent over 25 years successfully assisting businesses, associations, and individuals as they develop impactful organizational, target market, and family-centric strategies. Dr. Alexis applies her deep institutional knowledge and experience across industries to help clients identify, analyze and reach consumers in the caregiving, longevity, and fraud prevention arenas. She is a global authority on multi-generations and the science of aging and an inspiring speaker, blogger, consultant, corporate trainer, successful author, and award-winning entrepreneur.

Her commitment to multi-generations has been featured in many national publications, including TIME, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur and People. Dr. Alexis is an Emmy and Gracie award-winning journalist who has appeared frequently as an on-air expert for NBC’s Today show, CNN, CBS, FOX, MSNBC and numerous other media outlets. In addition to her own popular blog, Dr. Alexis is a featured contributor for many top tier websites and the author of five highly acclaimed books.

Abramson is also in demand as a panel and keynote speaker at industry conferences and consumer gatherings. Recognized as a well known industry “trend-spotter” she frequently speaks to Fortune 100/500 corporations, private and family businesses, consumers, government agencies, and non-profits in the areas of successful self-care, re-imagining retirement, identity theft protection, intergenerational dynamics, lifelong living, women and aging, caring for the caregiver, etc.

Dr. Abramson received a Doctorate in Gerontology from the prestigious University of Southern California and was trained in Cybersecurity Fraud Prevention at Harvard University.

Stop Fraud Now

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Alexis Abramson, PhD

This book is loaded with tips to help you protect yourself, and your loved ones from fraud, scams and identity theft.